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New York City: Times Square

Times Square has some of the world's most impressive billboards and spectacular displays.

The #1 destination in the world.

Times Square is an impressive 12-block venue and prominent symbol of New York City.

One of the most recognizable landscapes in the world, this collage of spectacular advertising is not only unique in the out-of-home industry, but also the entire advertising industry.

Visitor Profile
  • Affluent (55% have HHI over 75K)
  • Educated (70% are college educated)
  • 66% are homeowners
  • 80% of NYC tourists visit Times Square
  • Average time spent in Times Square: 3.7 hours
By the Numbers
  • Nearly 500,000 vehicles pass through Times Square each week
  • 200,000 direct employees and 190,000 indirect employees work in Times Square
  • 25% of all NYC hotel rooms are located in Times Square

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